Mundu – iPhone chat application

iPhone is yet to be officially released for India. However, it looks like some pretty good companies are making iPhones apps already and are being widely used.

Geodesic Information Systems, a Mumbai-based Indian company has developed an instant messenger – Mundu – which help iPhone users to chat.

Hindustan Times reports that this is the only software that iPhone has deployed from Asia. “The iPhone does not include a native instant messaging client and we are the only company to offer it,” said the managing director of Geodesic.

The opportunity in the US for specialized software that can interoperate between different messengers, Internet radio and other services is opening up the doors for companies like Geodesic. Users in the US can download Mundu for $11. Apple is yet to launch the iPhone in India and, according to CEO Steve Jobs, the company will enter India in 2008.

Geodesic has developed an interoperable messenger that can, through a single interface, connect with your friends in different messengers like Yahoo, Google, MSN and AOL.