Apple Wireless Mighty Mouse

Apple Wireless Mighty MouseI knew of the Apple store at Forum, Bangalore (INDIA) and was under the impression that India have no other Apple store. I went to the Atria Mall, Worli, Mumbai (INDIA) today and as usual I went pass the Imagine store. However, I noticed something different today – they have lots of pictures of Apple iPods. Upon looking inside, I saw that 80% of their hardwares are Apple Products. I went in and to my amazement I saw some of the coolest Apple Products including those Huge 64 bit Dual-Core Mac Pro. Well, sometimes it is good to look into windows while you shop and don’t head straight for the store from where you are buying. Had I not lazed around, I would have missed it like I have missed it many times before. The Machine looked stunning alongside the 30 inch Apple Cinema Display. I would definitely love to have one of those pair for my desk.

Well, the story is neither of the store nor the Huge Display but of the cool Apple Wireless Mighty Mouse that I bought. As very typical of me, I decided to use it without the software that came with it. I like devices that are automatically recognized by the hardware. Yes, it works out-of-the-box with Mac OSX 10.4. Following the instruction to Pair the Mighty Mouse with the Laptop’s Bluetooth, I was able to setup and use the Mouse right away. I’ve already washed/cleaned my hands before I begin to use it.

Here is a brief synopsis of features of the Mighty Mouse from Apple –

  • Wireless Bluetooth connectivity up to 30 feet
  • Laser tracking engine for better precision on more surfaces
  • Use two or just one AA battery (1 to make it lighter, 2 to make it last longer)
  • With no clickable flap per se but Apple have done it so cool, that the Touch Sensitive technology detects right and left click
  • The 360° scroll is awesome
  • You can even squeeze the two sides to launch Expose´ (you can customize these button and others to your choice)

I’m not sure what additional features does the software (that came with the Mighty Mouse) have but it looks like Mac OSX is prepared to handle the Mighty Mouse right out of the box. The Wireless Mighty Mouse cost me Rs. 4000 here in India (this is about US$88.88) which I think is fine with the tax that India imposes on Electronic Items. It is retailed for $69.00 on Apple’s Website. It came with 2 AA batteries too.

For those in Mumbai, Imagine store is on the 3rd Floor bearing Shop No. 306 at the Atria Mall, Dr. Annie Besant Road, Worli, Mumbai (INDIA). I learnt that they have another store too in the Inorbit Mall, Link Road, Malad (W), Mumbai. They have a website, though it shows Under Construction at the time of writing this article.

  • Smaran

    Oh wow… I gotta go shopping when I’m in Bombay next. Window shopping, at least.

    You should know by now that almost everything works out-of-the-box with a Mac. You’ve been a Mac user longer than me! I bought a Canon digicam and didn’t bother putting the CD in before I hooked it up to my Mac, despite the various warnings on the box. Guess what, it “just worked,” with iPhoto, Image Capture, everything.

    I have the wired Mighty Mouse, I can’t stand having to constantly recharge/replace batteries. My preference saved me 2000rs!

  • Brajeshwar

    Smaran, I have always tried to be as much wire free as I can.

  • Jace

    How much did the Wireless Mighty Mouse cost? I’m considering one but am concerned about the Forum Apple Centre’s markup.

    And I’d rather be wireless too. I’ve lost more equipment to twists in wires than anything else.

  • Brajeshwar

    Hey Jace, I got it for Rs. 4000 here in Mumbai.

  • Shawn

    Hi guys, just came across your site, thanks for all the info.
    I will have the Macbook pro and am looking for some softwares for it like Photoshop etc, is there anyplace in mumbai I can get it from??
    Please advice.

  • Brajeshwar

    Hi Shawn,

    You will get softwares from their respective vendor like Photoshop from Adobe. I’m not sure of an Adobe store in Mumbai. Well, I never needed to buy Adobe Software, as I just need to ask for them. But it should not be difficult to buy one. As for Apple hardware and softwares, either the Imagine Store in Atria Mall (Tardeo) or the Inorbit Mall (Malad) should have them or should be able to get them for you.

  • Shawn

    Who can help me with softwares, if I wish not to purchase them from authorised vendors.Also is ther like a Mac group in b’bay that meet up and stuff, I will be spending some time in Mumbai the second fortnight of December and Jan.

  • Brajeshwar

    For softwares – you can either contact Adobe directly or if you want I can do that for you. I am pretty sure there are no Mac Groups. That gave me an idea, I am forming one, join me.

  • Jace

    I remember there used to be Mac user groups. What we need now are OSX usergroups — OSX appeals to a more geekish user.

  • Brajeshwar

    Well, I think then we would be leaving out iPod, iPhone users. I was thinking more of an Apple Fan Group. But I am still open to suggestions.

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